Sharon Burdick- Place  ASID

Todd D. Place CEO


University Of Oregon IARCH

NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer 1993

Professional Member American Society of Interior Designers since 1994

LEED - Green Associate.

Member of USGBC

Where we are and where we have been..

   I met Sharon Burdick-Place through my builder Al Russo. I told him I wanted to work with someone who really understood my creative intentions with furniture, color, mood and design. 

    I also told him I wanted design advice in a way that was comprehensive and informitive..yet, understandable and affordable. I needed someone to work with me long distance. I live accross country 6 months out of the year. It was important I have someone reliable.

    Sharon was amazing on all levels. She really "got" me and my intention for mood and theme in my new home.

    I think the most important aspect of our working relationship was joy and artistry. She always had a variety of samples and styles to show me. It was so much fun deciding. I actually learned alot about how to fill space in a home with proper proportion, how to work with colors that create dramatic mood settings, and have all this come together in a functioning and practical way. It was a wonderful blessing to know Sharon, and feel like I was in a creative partnership and friendship that would bring me the beautiful home that I had intended. 

    Thank you Sharon.            Sincerely, Carolyn Max

Client Testimonial